Why Chronicall?

Chronicall Database Chronicall is more accurate. Chronicall is different from normal reporting solutions because we have access to more data. Chronicall connects directly to your phone system via a unique interface. This allows Chronicall to build its database from highly detailed events obtained directly from your phone system rather than watered-down call summaries.

Chronicall is simple yet powerful. Within minutes of downloading the Chronicall setup file, your least tech-savvy user will be listening to calls, monitoring agents, and reporting on groups with ease.

Chronicall is affordable and flexible. Each license of Chronicall reports on hundreds of users and groups right out of the box, and adding more is simple and inexpensive. Chronicall's modular design means than you only need to buy the modules you want. If you don't need to record calls, you don't need to buy the Recording Library module. Don't need realtime statistics? Don't buy Realtime seat licenses. You buy only what you need without worrying about the rest.

14-day Free Trial You can try before you buy. We offer a 14-day free trial of Chronicall that you can install on any PC on your network. Our experienced support team will help you set up and learn to use Chronicall before you make a decision. You can be confident that Chronicall will meet 100% of your needs before you purchase.

Where does Chronicall fit?

Chronicall Puzzle Ball In your small to mid-size office. Phones are the lifeline between most businesses and their customers, which makes it important to know exactly how your calls are being handled. Chronicall helps you make informed decisions by providing vital statistics like call volume, average wait time, and trunk usage.

In your specialized business. Mishandled calls can be costly when they result in lost sales, unhappy customers, and potential lawsuits. Chronicall Recording Library gives you quick access to all of your recorded calls and provides a convenient archive of your company's interactions.

In your call center. Chronicall's Realtime and Agent Dashboards modules provide functions that are particularly useful for call centers, including the ability to monitor your agents with the Agent Timeline, display a Realtime Canvas containing up-to-date call information on a large screen, and allow your agents to assign account codes and hunt groups to calls or provide reason codes when they log out of their phone or become busy.

How do I buy Chronicall?

Chronicall is sold through our network of authorized resellers. Ask your phone system sales representative about Chronicall or request information from a reseller.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, you can find more information on our Partner page.