Agent Dashboards Module

With Chronicall's revolutionary Agent Dashboards module, you can take Realtime data out of the web browser and onto the desktop. Agents can keep track of customized Realtime data with desktop widgets. Pop-up notifications provide information and tagging options for inbound and outbound calls. Chronicall Presence offers an easy way to see the status of other Realtime agents and send them chat messages.

Once an agent logs in to Dashboards, they'll be able to view live call data with a desktop widget, customized with Realtime values that fit their needs. Agents can monitor statistics about themselves, their hunt groups, or the entire system without opening Chronicall or looking at a wallboard; everything they need to know is available on their own screen at all times. The Dashboards window can be resized or docked for maximum flexibility, while multiple animation settings allow agents to choose the style they like best.

Dashboards also generates helpful pop-up windows for the agent whenever they make or receive calls, set themselves on DND status, or log out of their extension. These windows allow them to see who is calling and where they are calling from, assign account codes and hunt groups to calls, and give a reason why they are stepping away from the phone. All of this information is stored in Chronicall's database and can be used to generate detailed reports.

Chronicall Presence is another Dashboards desktop utility that lists the current status of each Realtime agent, along with their agent image, extension, and current call details. Through Presence, agents can even chat and send files to each other or to customers throughout the world. Every chat message is stored within Chronicall and can be reviewed or reported on later.

Take some of the work out of teamwork. Turn each agent's desktop into a powerful and connected Chronicall workstation with Agent Dashboards.

Visit our support site for more information on installing and using Agent Dashboards.

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